The stone shelter in the South African Kalahari concealed the innovative behavior of the first people who lived on these lands about 105,000 years ago.
In Virginia, locals have discovered a strange creature with an anchor-like head. At first people thought it was a snake, but it turned out to be a rare worm.
Some fans of Lara Croft and Indiana Jones are sure that Egyptian tombs are full of traps with poisonous arrows, blades and snakes. Were the tombs of the pharaohs really protected by ingenious and extremely dangerous devices that struck any careless thief?
Snake poisons are complex and refined cocktails of toxins in their own way, jewelry affecting the victim's body. Obtaining them requires catching wild reptiles or breeding them in captivity – and this is a long and dangerous occupation, which in any case does not allow producing the necessary substances in large quantities.
The python's eyes, nicknamed Monty, almost popped out of their sockets when he swallowed a beach towel.
Strictly speaking, these are Siamese twins — two different people fused together by a part of the body. But, if usually Siamese twins are fused by the liver, pelvic bones, skulls, etc. — in general, really body parts, then here, everything except the heads has become common.
At first glance, it looks like a scattering of marbles, but if you look closely— you can notice a long, slippery body inside each transparent sphere.
What scientists do not force their subjects to do: communicate with snakes, give birth, read poetry, play jazz and masturbate. All for the sake of science.
When you think about dangerous animals, lions, snakes, rhinos, crocodiles and other clawed, toothy or poisonous fauna come to mind. I don't even want to approach them, except to admire them from a distance. Whether it's deer or dolphins, right? And here it is not.
Man is by far the most dangerous animal on the planet. But this does not mean that all the other animals suddenly ceased to pose a threat! We can recognize the obvious danger coming from large predators, but we are not always able to see it in relatively small or seemingly benevolent creatures. And it could cost us our lives.