Tomorrow, tomorrow, not today, is sung in a famous song. It's about procrastination – the habit of putting things off for later, finding excuses. What is the nature of procrastination, how to deal with it, whether this phenomenon is dangerous and why it has become so popular lately — we will tell in this material.
In 2003, Oxford University professor Nick Bostrom suggested that our reality is a computer simulation invented by a highly developed civilization. This idea fascinated a lot of people, and since then scientists around the world have been trying to either prove or disprove this theory.
Jeanne D'Ark is the national heroine of France, who changed the course of the Hundred Years' War. In this, she was helped by loyal associates, one of whom turned out to be a pedophile maniac who performed ritual sacrifices to demons.
There is a site on the moon where signs of life can be found, and in the form in which it first came to Earth.
This summer in Europe turned out to be very hot. See how locals and tourists cope with temperature records in the photo collection.