A biologist shared a video taken from a drone showing an incredible cluster of sea turtles.
British nutritionists warn of the threat of the growing popularity of vegetarianism and veganism for the intellectual abilities of the future generation. The fact is that the fetus developing in the body of a highly ethical mother does not receive some necessary substances in the proper amount.
When an 18-year-old patient was admitted to an Indian hospital complaining of seizures and severe headache, doctors could not understand the reason for such a serious condition for a very long time and did not think at all that it was brain parasites. But in vain! The results of the MRI scan revealed something creepy: the man's brain was riddled with huge cysts!
At first glance, it looks like a scattering of marbles, but if you look closely— you can notice a long, slippery body inside each transparent sphere.
According to Kipling, the elephant owes its long trunk to its irrepressible curiosity: he wanted to know so much what the crocodile eats for lunch that he had to ask the crocodile himself, and he pulled the elephant's short nose into a long trunk for the time being. How it really happened, biologists are still arguing.
Chicken eggs have long been included in the daily human diet, but the chicken reproductive system, like other animals, sometimes has abnormalities at the embryonic stage of development. Meet an egg formed inside another egg!
This heavily armed parasite wasp does not look like the species we know — it was so massive that it did not even fly, but jumped. Either fortunately, or unfortunately, Aptenoperissus burmanicus has long been extinct.
Meerkats closely monitor the weight of their relatives and do not like it when someone gains weight faster than them — after all, his status in the group depends on the weight of the meerkat. As soon as they notice that the other animal has recovered, they start eating a lot to restore the status quo.
For the legendary Jedi Luke Skywalker, the loss of his arm in a duel with Darth Vader remained a tragedy only for five minutes: in the next scene, he got a very perfect prosthesis. In reality, such a thing can only be dreamed of, but scientists are working to make it a reality.
When in the XIX century it was found out that the papillary pattern on the fingertips is unique for each individual, fingerprinting revolutionized criminology. Left an imprint at the crime scene – you can't get away. The criminals armed themselves with gloves and wipes to erase their fingers. But it became much more difficult for them when a new discovery was made: our individual passport is stored in each of the hundred trillion cells of the human body.