According to a medical report, a lonely Japanese man almost died from masturbation.
Sharks have been living on Earth for at least 450 million years, so it's not surprising that even the first people encountered them – and sometimes the meetings ended in tears.
In Sochi National Park you can see the whole-leaved willow Hakuro Nishiki.
Monstrous creatures that previously seemed to be the fiction of science fiction writers are actually reality.
We used to think that if the largest representative of a species is found in a particular region, then scientists will pay attention to it first of all. However, in some mysterious way, a species of millipede has been hiding from the attention of biologists all these years, which is now considered the largest of all that live in Japan and Taiwan.
It was possible to restore the nerve fibers of the damaged spinal cord of mice. Stem cell therapy helps a person with spinal injuries. A paralyzed football player has learned to walk in an exoskeleton.
Postcoital bliss pushes cockroaches Salganea taiwanensis to eat each other's wings all day long.
Vaguely reminiscent of the Egyptian cat-like goddess Nude Bastet Japanese T-Robot works... a merchandiser (a distributor of goods) in a supermarket.
Asian Vespa mandarinia are the largest hornets in the world, the wingspan of the individual queens reaches 7 cm, although the workers are somewhat smaller. They are armed with a sting longer than 5 mm and powerful jaws that can bite the victim in half or take off her head. Survivors of their bites report incredible pain, which is intensified by the poison injected through the sting. Dozens of people die every year because of killer hornets.
It seems that cats are not happy with people and prefer to spend time alone. But pets learn from us and can imitate us.