Chess is the most popular game in the business community. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Sergey Galitsky, Vladimir Potanin and other famous businessmen play chess. PayPal co-founder, the first external investor in Facebook, Peter Thiel, became one of the best players in the country under the age of 21 as a teenager.
Keeping money in a bank — in the one that is glass — is an extremely stupid occupation, if only because the amount will decrease annually by at least the amount of actual inflation. During a crisis, such storage is at all akin to scattering bills on the street. You can stock up on equipment, real estate or make repairs at your mother—in-law - in short, convert money into property. You can put money in the bank at 5-6% per annum — you will not compensate for inflation, but you will also lose significantly less. What other ways are there to save and even increase the money stash?