We live in an infinite universe, although it has a finite volume, scientists said and gave a simple explanation for this.
There is an opinion that it is better to extinguish the fire not with cold, but with hot water. Is this so and if so, why is boiling water more effective?
In the pre-dawn hours of Monday, a powerful fire broke out at an oil refinery in Indonesia, causing a column of smoky flames to rise to the skies. At least five people were seriously burned, and 950 nearby residents were hastily evacuated.
People have always considered lightning a weapon of the gods. Among the ancient Greeks, Zeus, the thunderer, commanded lightning, among the Hindus, the king of heaven Indra. The ancient Vikings, who had eaten too much toadstools, clearly distinguished Thor's lightning fist in the sky. The broad–minded Slavs generally armed everyone with electricity - from the pagan god Perun to the Christian prophet Ilya. References to the exceptional power of thunder weapons can be found in any religion.
In the movie, a cool guy throws a cigarette butt into a puddle of gasoline, it flares up, and the flame runs along the gasoline path. The guy pretentiously turns away, and an explosion thunders behind him. But does this happen in real life? Is it possible to light gasoline from an abandoned cigarette?
Documentary filmmaker Neil Halloran decided to remind that the atomic bomb is evil in its purest form. He created a short film about what would happen if a nuclear bomb exploded right in the center of a big city.
With the light hand of Vladimir Vysotsky, Hinduism is considered a convenient religion: whatever happens in this life, nothing will go in vain, and in some of the endless series of rebirths, the final bliss will come. These mystical ideas find an unusual reflection in modern physics with its hypotheses about the existence of not one, but an infinite number of universes – an all-encompassing Multiverse, among the worlds of which all imaginable and unthinkable events unfold. In some of them, you are a musician, a military leader, a billionaire, or even a president.
Dying stars form clouds of dust and gas of fantastic shape. These are planetary nebulae. In the course of a new study, scientists have understood exactly how these formations are formed.
White dwarfs like the one inside the planetary nebula NGC 2440 (pictured) have a strange property — the more massive they become, the more they contract.
At least 100 people were killed, thousands injured, tens of thousands suffered material damage. Half of the city was blown to shreds, the hospitals are packed, and all this is not a terrorist attack or a military operation. This is a man-made disaster in Beirut at one of the port warehouses: 2,750 tons (almost one kiloton in TNT equivalent) of ammonium nitrate, which had been stored there since 2014, exploded. Popular mechanics decided to recall what other powerful non-nuclear explosions were in peacetime and their consequences.