Terrorists, serial killers and tyrants are certainly not buried in a cemetery next to someone's kind great-grandmother. We tell you how they most often deal with their remains.
The coronavirus continues to advance, many have switched to a remote work format, some even ended up in quarantine. What should we do now with the free time? Popular mechanics has an answer to everything: especially for you, we have selected the best short series with a rating of at least 8 out of 10, each of which can be fully viewed in one day.
Fluffy, sociable, lynx-like - what else do we know about Norwegian forest cats? Meanwhile, they became famous in Scandinavian myths, became the subject of a royal decree and until recently were on the verge of extinction. In this article we will give a detailed description of the Norwegian forest cat, its character and habits. So, we tell you about one of the most amazing breeds and offer at the same time to admire these beautiful creatures.
Archaeologists have removed a marble slab that for 460 years sheltered the main shrine of Christians - the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.
Many have heard the term "superconductivity," but few can explain what it is. Tell!