Researchers were looking for microbial life near the Shakelton Glacier in Antarctica. But the analysis of the soil showed that there is nothing there.
Although wrinkles are considered an indicator of age, and cosmetologists promise to help us get rid of them, these wrinkles will not disappear completely. However, the appearance of wrinkles can be slowed down, prevention, which we will tell you about, will help you enjoy smooth and elastic skin for longer.
To die from overheating, it is not necessary to go to Asia or another hot region. All conditions are available in Russia this summer.
Experts note that the flows of warm air allowed the bloodsuckers to reach the 19th floor, which had not been observed before.
It turned out that improper use of repellents can lead to headaches and other unpleasant symptoms.
Since the beginning of May this year, the weather in Moscow has been regularly updating historical highs and does not even think to spare the residents. Forecasters are afraid of a repeat of the summer of 2010, when the air in the capital literally boiled for a month, which, among other things, provoked fires on peat bogs. Rospotrebnadzor became concerned: the service recommends shortening the working day if the indoor air is hotter than 28.5 degrees. But this is in Moscow, and how are things in other parts of the world, where + 30 ° C and not the heat at all?
At the beginning of each summer, thousands of allergy sufferers curse those who once decided to plant poplars in Moscow and other Russian cities.
With the onset of summer, it is easy to overdo staying in the sun, turning the desired tan into a real sunburn.
The only total lunar eclipse that will happen this year will happen tomorrow, May 26, 2021, when the full Moon will cover the shadow of the Earth, and its surface will light up brick-red.
Last Saturday, a volcano suddenly erupted on Mount Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, forcing thousands of people to flee to neighboring Rwanda in search of shelter. By Sunday, reports said Nyiragongo's lava velocity had slowed and that the nearby city of Goma, home to more than a million people, had been saved.