A study of the effectiveness of a herbal dietary supplement against hangover symptoms in healthy people has shown that alcohol affects the body somewhat differently than scientists previously assumed.
According to experts, during the quarantine measures in Russia, the level of sales of alcoholic beverages has sharply increased. We asked an expert about how to reduce the harm from drinking alcohol, if sometimes you want to relax at dinner.
When for any reason you have to take medications, it is important to follow the intake regimen: do not skip pills, drink them exactly as prescribed - before or after meals. But there is something else that even the doctor does not warn us about: some products can negate all treatment.
In some cases, anemia is congenital, but it also happens that this disease develops later against the background of vitamin B12 and iron deficiency. Check if you have these early symptoms of anemia — and whether it's time for you to take action.
An alarming suitcase is a kit necessary in case of a nuclear strike. Usually, liquid for kindling a fire, medicines and water filters are put in it. But what to add to this set, everyone decides for himself.
Tuberculosis has been known to man for a very long time. Hippocrates also wrote that this is the most common disease in his lifetime, and its most characteristic symptoms are cough, chills, fever, rapid weight loss and weakness. But what about Hippocrates: studies have recently been published, according to which 245 million years ago animals were already dying from insidious mycobacteria, because without proper therapy, the disease will not go anywhere.
For some reason, everyone winces at the thought that cockroaches and different larvae are eaten in Asia. But insects can be delicious, healthy and nutritious!
It has long been known that the human body is equipped with many indicators, with proper monitoring of which you can save yourself from a lot of health problems. One of these indicators doctors include nails.