A strange and amazing story, like the plot of a humorous story, happened to a donor heart. After the helicopter crash, the heart intended for transplantation was carefully extracted from the wreckage only to be dropped by a tripping medical worker. Surprisingly, none of the crash participants were seriously injured, and the organ, even after the fall, was found suitable for transplantation.
The paper airplanes that you may have used in literature lessons appeared much earlier than the real ones. We will tell you how it happened.
Participants of the search operation in Alaska reported on the rescue of a fire victim who lost his home.
In the Arctic, global warming is developing much faster than the global average.
When young mischievous people sing a cat's mustache, we call it a nasty prank. When scientists do this, leaving the mouse with just one vibrissa, this is already science. This is how sensory deprivation is investigated – the brain shutdown of the given ones supplied by the sense organs.