Such statistics were collected in the UK, and it is urgent to fight poverty, experts say.
Coffee is a stimulant that increases concentration and alertness. Many of us drink it in the morning or during the working day to improve mental performance. Interestingly, caffeine can also have a stimulating effect that improves physical performance during exercise.
According to a medical report, a lonely Japanese man almost died from masturbation.
Chicken eggs are the most common of all eggs consumed due to their availability, but why is the color of their shell sometimes different? We explain.
According to the International Group of Experts on the average annual temperature, 2020 was the second hottest year in the history of observations. Scientists from the University of Colorado named the most environmentally dirty power plants in the world. Scientists at the University of Cambridge believe that in places of tectonic faults, atmospheric carbon is converted into diamonds. At the conference of the Alzheimer's Association, it was shown that clean air slows down the development of dementia.
Scientists have been warning us about an imminent environmental catastrophe for a long time. Floods around the world, extreme temperatures and ever-increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will lead us nowhere. We tell you about the most relevant news of this day in the field of ecology and climate.
Scientists still do not know the exact answer to the question of how exactly these animals manage to absorb wood in such quantities in the absence of digestion.
An international group of scientists has published a study claiming that there is no evidence of the artificial origin of SARS-CoV-2. Vladimir Chulanov, chief specialist of the Russian Ministry of Health for Infectious Diseases, believes that the coronavirus is becoming more contagious, but not more pathogenic. In Belgium, a patient died from two different strains of coronavirus at once. The European Union and Russia plan to start negotiations on mutual recognition of covid passports.
On July 23, the Summer Olympics in Tokyo will begin, it was supposed to take place last year, but was postponed due to the pandemic. The Japanese have spent about $15 billion on the construction of 42 sports facilities, and this is not the final figure yet. The most expensive Olympic Games were held in Sochi, the budget then amounted to 22 billion rubles. But large-scale stadiums cause no less large-scale problems. The Olympic Games can hit hard not only the economies of countries, but also the environmental situation. We tell you why it is better to decide on one city for holding competitions.
The delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 is 60% more contagious and resistant to vaccines than the alpha variant. Scientists from the University of San Francisco have shown that the mother's antibodies enter the baby's body during breastfeeding and protect the baby from coronavirus.