The popular myth about the possibility of mismatch of secretions and blood by the antigenic system AB0 has no basis.
Ethiopia, which today, alas, is among the poorest countries in the world, has a long history and is in many ways unique as a local civilization.
At least 100 people were killed, thousands injured, tens of thousands suffered material damage. Half of the city was blown to shreds, the hospitals are packed, and all this is not a terrorist attack or a military operation. This is a man-made disaster in Beirut at one of the port warehouses: 2,750 tons (almost one kiloton in TNT equivalent) of ammonium nitrate, which had been stored there since 2014, exploded. Popular mechanics decided to recall what other powerful non-nuclear explosions were in peacetime and their consequences.
The history of chocolate begins its countdown in Latin America, where cocoa trees still grow in abundance. The people who first tasted chocolate lived in the south of modern Mexico about 1000 years before the beginning of our era. It is the word from their lexicon, kakava, that has come down to our days and formed the basis of the modern word cocoa.
In the days of ancient Egypt, doctors performed the first plastic surgery on the nose, with special attention paid to the accuracy of suturing. Much later, in the VI century BC, the Indian healer Sushata Samgita began to practice skin transplantation to correct nasal defects, and convicted criminals and captured enemies became donors of tissues for operations. One of the serious obstacles to the development of plastic surgery during this period was the lack of powerful painkillers.
In 1988, Academician Sergey Vavilov, a research vessel (NIS), was launched from the stocks of the Hollming shipyard in the Finnish city of Rauma, and a year later Academician Ioffe, who are among the representatives of the Russian research fleet in the XXI century.
The Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi announced the official launch of an investigation into the possibility of an official indictment of the current US President Donald Trump. Theoretically, the case could end in impeachment. We decided that this is a good reason to talk about what impeachment is and how it happens.
An alarming suitcase is a kit necessary in case of a nuclear strike. Usually, liquid for kindling a fire, medicines and water filters are put in it. But what to add to this set, everyone decides for himself.
At the beginning of 2019, viewers of the eight-part BBC film Symbols: the Greatest Personalities of the XX century chose mathematician Alan Turing as the greatest personality of the last century. Of course, the choice was influenced by the fact that Turing is from the UK, like most BBC viewers. But besides him, such famous Britons as Churchill and Thatcher also lit up in the series. However, they did not defeat foreign rivals even in the group of politicians, let alone in the overall standings. We tell you what you need to know about a scientist who managed to crack the German Enigma encryption machine during World War II and who committed suicide when he was sentenced to compulsory treatment for homosexuality.
Comparing this distance with the size of our Galaxy, we can conclude - almost nowhere.