The name of the parasite Cymothoa exigua probably won't tell you anything, and you will fall asleep peacefully. But if you find out that it's actually a tongue-eating woodlouse, you'll definitely get nervous! Calmly and without panic: fortunately, this small crustacean is not dangerous to humans.
Summer has not yet set in Russia, but there will still be hot days, which means there will also be car salons heated in the sun, in which many people now store disinfectants. Is there a risk of setting your own car on fire?
Among the many amazing phenomena on our planet, one stands out especially. Have you ever wondered what will happen if a lightning bolt heats up the sand sharply?
Professor David Wright has been teaching physics and astronomy at Tidewater Community College in the US state of Virginia for 45 years. More than 8 thousand students have already taken his course — and none of them were bored in his classes. It's all about extraordinary experiments, with the help of which the teacher introduces the class to science.
The X-ray image clearly demonstrates why all passengers in the car need to keep their feet on the floor.
Astronaut Kristina Koch shared images taken from the ISS, which show smoke from the devastating fires in Australia.
An unusual case occurred in one of the families of the USA with a German shepherd named Gypsy.
Annular solar eclipses occur relatively rarely, so for residents of India and Saudi Arabia it was quite a big success — on December 26, 2019, they could watch a fascinating spectacle for almost three hours.
Huge Jupiter holds so many satellites that new ones are still being discovered. Today 79 of them are known: four Galilean, four inner groups of Amalthea, as well as dozens of small bodies in distant and elongated orbits. Traditionally, they are given the names of lovers and offspring of Jupiter (ancient Roman Zeus), fortunately, the thunderer was very loving.
Mexican scientists during excavations in the area of the city of Tultepec in 2019 discovered a strange cluster of ancient bones. About 800 bones belonging to at least fourteen mammoths were found in a small area. In addition to their remains, there were also single bones of smaller animals: a jaw and a pair of vertebrae of an ancient camel-like and a horse tooth.