A distant star hides a smaller star under its hem, which scatters gas in all directions.
Let's start with a simple one. Are you sure you turned off the iron when leaving the house? Have the lights gone out everywhere? Do you remember exactly how you turned the key in the lock? Our memory does not work like a camera or a voice recorder, and some things we remember are not at all how they actually happened. We talk about the phenomena of memory.
The scientist shared a stunning image of the Eskimo nebula, located in the constellation Gemini.
Do you wake up in the morning after a full sleep and already feel tired? If such a feeling does not go away after a few days, and the stress level is not higher than usual, it is worth paying attention to this problem.
Each person accidentally swallows eight spiders a year. Men think about sex every 6-7 seconds. This statistic is known to almost everyone – however, it does not correspond to the truth. It is assumed that some of these statements appeared just in an attempt to show how easily false knowledge spreads in the modern information world. But let's analyze each figure separately using examples.
We offer to evaluate the pictures of the finalists applying for the title of Photographer of the Year of the Royal Photographic Society. The winner will be announced on October 7, and the exhibition of the best works will be held from October 7 to January 5 at the Science Museum in London.
A funeral agency has started operating in Russia, arranging the burial of the ashes of the deceased in the stratosphere. It works like this: the urn rises to a height of 25-30 kilometers with the help of a balloon, and then it is dispelled by an automatic capsule. Thus, environmentally friendly burial is achieved on the territory of the entire globe and even partially in space.