It is fashionable to grow flowers now: this hobby has long attracted not only quiet decent pensioners, but also very extravagant people. The world of indoor plants is very diverse: for each of us there is a flower suitable in character, temperament and degree of originality.
While the data on most storage devices can be read using electrical signals, the new technology encodes them in light. This allows the system to read them by simply checking whether the LED is on or off. Recently, researchers have developed a new device based entirely on perovskite that can do both at the same time.
Although optical fibers are very efficient at transmitting data, they are also very fragile, and therefore can be unreliable. A new experimental type of optical fiber eliminates this limitation by using a core of liquid glycerin.
Mineral water is called water that contains dissolved salts, trace elements, as well as some biologically active components. Isn't that why she's always with gas?
Problems with the skin on the elbows can be symptoms of diseases of various internal organs.
Even then, insects had bright wings that made chirping sounds during flight.
This sweet and juicy fruit probably originated in India and has since spread all over the world, including Africa, Asia, Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean. Mango looks very attractive, but only when it is ripe and fresh. Therefore, we share tips on how to choose the perfect fruit, cut it and store it.
In Sochi National Park you can see the whole-leaved willow Hakuro Nishiki.
A new study has revealed that the strange mollusk, affectionately nicknamed the wandering meatloaf, has teeth made of a rare iron mineral that was previously found only on rocky shores.
Tin is a light and ductile silver–colored metal that has one interesting feature known as the tin plague. And yes, it's contagious!