A girl was born in Israel with an embryo in her stomach, which is an extremely rare medical pathology.
There are a lot of techniques to increase your own productivity, a lot of trainings on personal effectiveness and a lot of theories described by researchers. Let's remember the most famous and most effective.
A student of the University of Queensland using methods of mathematical physics has shown that time travel is possible and there does not necessarily have to be a paradox due to a violation of the principle of causality.
Wormholes or tunnels in the fabric of space-time are terribly unstable. As soon as at least one photon hits them, the wormhole closes instantly. A new study suggests that the secret to stable wormholes is in their shape.
The event horizon is a hypothetical three—dimensional surface around a black hole. All material objects that cross this line never return from the womb of the cosmic monster. Even the fastest objects in the visible universe—particles of light—cannot overcome the huge attraction of a black hole if they cross the event horizon. But before reaching the area with maximum attraction, photons, according to the new theory, can dance their farewell waltz — spin into so-called light rings.
At the beginning of the XX century, astronomer Arthur Stanley Eddington lived in Great Britain. He was a major scientist, notable for his theory of white dwarfs and attempts (one of the first of its kind) to combine quantum theory, relativity theory, cosmology and gravity. But that's not what brought him world fame.
How to reconcile two contradictory pillars of modern physics: quantum theory and gravity? For a long time, scientists believed that sooner or later science would recognize this or that theory as dominant, but reality, as always, turned out to be much more interesting. Some studies claim that gravity can occur due to random fluctuations at the quantum level.