Survivalists and popular doctors from TV offer to drink their own urine as a disease prevention, to wash her wounds and quench her thirst. At the heart of this, the supposedly complete sterility of human urine. But is it true that urine is sterile?
During the pandemic, we all managed to get a little sad because of the lack of friendly communication. As it turned out, gatherings with friends are not enough not only for people, but also for fish! After the closure of the Sea Life Helsinki Aquarium, grouper Mikko fell into depression. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if he had pisces friends, but he... ate them all!
Dog owners sometimes notice how their pets watch TV and even react to other animals and some sounds. But what is going on in the dogs' heads at this time?
Melatonin in tablets really helps to fall asleep faster, but it does not guarantee continuous drowsiness. In addition, it can influence what happens in the process of falling asleep: for example, to cause brighter dreams. Whether it's good or bad depends on whether the dream was pleasant or dangerous.
If you are experiencing problems with the sleep and wake cycle, pay attention to these simple rules. Perhaps you should reconsider your habits?
A stationary lifestyle is one of the main causes of excess weight and serious health problems.
Never before has a person's life changed so dramatically as it has changed in the XXI century. The main marker of the new era, of course, is the abundance of all kinds of devices with which we interact sometimes even more than with other people. It is not surprising that the new way of life creates new dilemmas: in particular, the question arises how dangerous smartphones, computers and other gadgets are for our vision.
Distance education sounds cool only as long as students have the necessary equipment for this. The coronavirus pandemic is forcing children in many regions to stay at home instead of going to school, and those of them who cannot continue their studies using computers or smartphones are starting to lag behind their peers.
If you can't wake up and go boiled all day, look around you. Perhaps the causes of your drowsiness and constant fatigue are at arm's length from you.
People are rightfully proud of the device of their eyes, although mantis crabs have more reason for this. Our vision relies on the work of only three color receptors, and in cancers their number can reach up to 12, partly covering infrared waves and ultraviolet. We are unable to imagine the variety of shades with which the coral reef shimmers in these complex eyes. But it seems that this is not enough for cancers: thanks to special filters, many of them are able to distinguish the circular polarization of light.