The ability and desire to walk straight had a huge impact on human anatomy and behavior.
This unexpectedly contradicts the long-standing notion of scientists that our brain tends to quickly recognize screams of horror for the sake of survival.
This habit prevents us from finding simpler and more effective solutions — we complicate everything.
Scientists have found the answer to the mystery of the XVII century: a 5-month premature and stillborn baby was found in the bishop's coffin.
Is humanity significant from this point of view? There are 8 billion of us and our science is able to calculate the change in the ocean level if we all get into it at the same time.
To answer the question that has been tormenting many since childhood, scientists have modeled how people draw patterns in the night sky.
History buffs know that Adolf Hitler had a whole bunch of illnesses, both physical and mental. In addition, Hitler was lucky enough to become the owner of a motley bouquet of diseases below the belt, which included disorders that are extremely rare together. Having a history of diagnoses such as micropenis, non—omission of the testicle and hypospadias is like pulling out a prize lottery ticket, just the opposite. But Hitler managed to hit the real jackpot of pathologies - he had all three diseases.