Friends assure you that you look normal or even good, but you refuse to believe it and demand to delete the picture. In fact, everything is simple.
It doesn't matter if you want to become a professional musician or just plan to find a new creative hobby, technology can help you with this. You just need to choose the appropriate applications and do not miss classes.
Do we imagine how our brain works? Lying works as a behavior model. All the behaviors embedded in our brain were formed back when we existed in nature and were part of its food chains.
Students always came up with a way to cheat and cheat, and teachers fought and stopped these attempts. But if earlier it was a whole art to sneak in and use cheat sheets or gadgets unnoticed, now it is as easy as it is tempting. And it would even be strange if students did not take advantage of such an opportunity that distance learning gives them.
500 microorganisms live on 10 square centimeters of the toilet seat: a little E. coli, a pinch of staphylococci, fungus and mold. On the one hand, it's a hell of a lot, on the other — there are even dirtier places. Scientists from the Public Health and Safety Organization have estimated that there are 360,000,000 microorganisms in one gram of a kitchen sponge, and 2,500,000 of them on a toothbrush. Are you already nervously spraying with a sanitizer? Take your time. Here are some of the dirtiest places in your home.
Scientists have been struggling for years to unravel the secret of why a person is initially born right—handed or left-handed - and why their ratio is so unequal.
We are all damn curious by nature, and there is nothing easier than to put our minds at a dead end. Just a seemingly simple task is enough, and here the work processes are immediately pushed into the background, no one answers the phone, children scream, but adults do not react to anything. How many triangles do you see in the image? Just take your time, think about it properly. And now think again...
The current quarantine is nothing compared to how we would have holed up twenty years ago: no super—fast Internet, no smartphones, no food delivery services - nothing. Vladimir Putin has just assumed the presidency, a brand new Nokia 3310 has appeared on sale, at your home from entertainment except Sega with Playstation, yes, a TV with six channels. We remember how we lived in 2000 and try to imagine what would have become of us if the COVID-19 epidemic had happened then.
A stationary lifestyle is one of the main causes of excess weight and serious health problems.
We spend a significant part of the day at work — at the computer, on the phone, in a sitting position. The profession affects the lifestyle, mood and health, and not always this influence can be called positive.