While the data on most storage devices can be read using electrical signals, the new technology encodes them in light. This allows the system to read them by simply checking whether the LED is on or off. Recently, researchers have developed a new device based entirely on perovskite that can do both at the same time.
The global food market is intensively adapting to the post-pandemic era, trying to solve the problems of food waste and labor shortages. Three areas of the foodtech market are becoming the most interesting: vegetable meat, cellular meat (allowed for sale so far only in Singapore) and the production of fermented products. Andrey Zyuzin, Innovation Advisor at EFKO Group, Managing Partner of the Fuel for Growth venture fund, talks about the coolest startups in the direction.
Currently, assisted reproductive technologies used for the treatment of infertility allow you to get a long-awaited pregnancy in almost any clinical situation. With the help of the in vitro fertilization program, it is now possible to overcome not only the tubal factor (what this method was originally created for), but also male and endocrine infertility. In addition, using IVF, we have the opportunity to diagnose and select healthy embryos from parents who are carriers of genetic diseases.
Krasnoyarsk scientists have obtained new promising thin films made of oxygen, copper and titanium nitride. Their electrical resistance is a thousand times less than that of ordinary titanium nitride. Based on the obtained material, physicists have discovered new properties of copper that allow it to accumulate on the surface of films and make phase transitions. The results obtained can become a technological breakthrough in the development of resistors and transistors of a new generation.
The technology of fixing the neutrino flux coming from a nuclear reactor was proposed by MEPhI scientists 50 years ago. Modern developments are being carried out on elastic coherent scattering discovered three years ago – the interaction of neutrinos with energy conservation with all nucleons at once.
Researchers have made an amazing breakthrough in growing mini-organs in the laboratory.
One of the useful skills of working in information security is the ability to distinguish between the model of the intruder and the image of the enemy. The first term means a fairly specific description of the contingent of citizens who are able to realize the threat; the accuracy of such models is checked by penetration tests. And the image of the enemy is something that is replicated in the media and often resembles forms of collective insanity.
Materials that change their properties in response to certain stimuli can occupy a valuable niche in many fields, from robotics to medicine and modern aircraft. A new example of such a shape-shifting technology was presented in the form of an imitation of ancient chain mail armor, which allows you to quickly switch from a flexible version to a rigid one due to the features of the material.
New data from the first CRISPR gene editing clinical trial in the United States showed that the therapy is safe and effective — even after two years, no side effects were detected.
From September 10 to 12, 2021, a hackathon on artificial intelligence will be held in Veliky Novgorod, conducted by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia with the organizational support of the presidential platform Russia – the Land of Opportunities and the Russian Association of Electronic Communications. Its participants will have to develop an automated analytical system that allows using artificial intelligence technologies to identify and classify possible corruption-causing factors in regulatory legal acts (NPAs). The hackathon case manager is the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.