Modeling has shown that the skeleton of this deep-sea glass sponge is not only beautiful, but also very practical and even technological.
This year, the most popular and best-selling toy in the world has an anniversary. The invention of the Hungarian architect appeared on the shelves of toy stores back in 1980 and since then has been exciting the minds of young and old, from housewives to professors. Erne Rubik's cube is assembled at speed by people and robots, supercomputers are looking for the fastest way to assemble, and mathematicians are trying to unravel all the secrets hidden inside a seemingly simple toy. That's because even though the inner parts of the cube are made of plastic, its real guts are the real numbers.
For 65 years, mathematicians around the world have been trying to solve a kind of puzzle and find three numbers whose sum in a cube would be 42. And it seems they finally succeeded.