An American company has developed an alternative meat from an extremophile fungus found in a hot spring in Yellowstone National Park. An Israeli company is launching a factory for growing meat from living cells. Scientists compared the composition of beef and vegetable meat alternatives.
Scientists seem to have found the answer to the question of where such riches as silver, gold or uranium, as well as such a poison as mercury, came from. These are hypernova explosions.
In the shady wilderness of the Malaysian rainforest, an amazing plant without leaves that feed on sunlight is bizarrely blooming. This small sprout belongs to a group of rare flowering plants known as fairy lanterns (Thismia), and only recently scientists managed to describe it for the first time in a scientific paper.
With the onset of summer, it is easy to overdo staying in the sun, turning the desired tan into a real sunburn.
In Sochi National Park you can see the whole-leaved willow Hakuro Nishiki.
Summer is finally on the calendar! It's time for vacations, kebabs, long walks and, of course, beaches. An even tan is an essential attribute of a good rest and a fun vacation. Alas, sometimes staying ashore turns into a complete disaster.
What happens when the Sun goes out
What exactly is laziness associated with? Why does it annoy us in others and is it so hard to resist it yourself? First of all, laziness is associated with the thrift of the brain. The brain is only about one and a half percent of the total body weight of a person, and consumes about twenty–five percent of energy.
Opalescent coastal squid (Doryteuthis opalescens) is one of the best masters of camouflage on Earth. These curious cephalopods are covered with a special skin that can be fine-tuned to any kaleidoscope of colors.
A new study shows that plants have a metabolic signal regulating their circadian rhythms in the evening, which ensure that they retain enough energy to survive the night.