This is a 50-meter emotional antenna capable of sending any messages into space.
How to get financial independence? A lot of people are thinking about this. And everyone is looking for a suitable way to gain prosperity and material freedom. Some are focusing on their careers, some are creating businesses, others are investing.
The social network Agora summed up the results of the contest of the most incredible pictures of animals from around the globe. Baby monkeys, ferocious lions and a herd of elephants are all in our selection of the best shots of the competition.
With the help of neural networks, researchers find signs that help to expose fictional conspiracy theories and protect people from their consequences.
Psychologists have found a connection between the audience and the maniacs and murderers from the films they loved. It is she who makes you forgive the villains and admire them.
The authorities of different countries take the self-isolation regime extremely seriously. Sometimes so much that they are ready to fine citizens for a decent amount just for posting photos in social networks!
Excessive exposure to stress can seriously undermine your health, but there are ways to overcome stress.
Almost 10% of all elderly people face depression, but it is at an older age that it is difficult to recognize and cure this disease.
Oh, I'll sleep it off on the weekend!, — we often dream, having lost precious hours of sleep on weekdays when preparing an urgent report, when writing an article, when drawing a wall newspaper after midnight for a schoolboy. Who would argue: getting enough sleep after sleepless nights is always pleasant and healing. You feel refreshed and refreshed. But are we able to repay the body's debt over the weekend for insufficient sleep time on weekdays? Whatever we feel, science gives a negative answer.
Here are a few mistakes to avoid so that the morning is always good.