An international team of geneticists analyzed DNA obtained from the remains of 40 people. They lived in 5 regions of Siberia in the range from 17 thousand to 1.5 thousand years ago. Scientists have found coincidences of genetic markers in the people who inhabited the Kolyma Valley and in indigenous peoples living in North America.
A study by an international group of scientists casts doubt on the generally accepted theory of the formation of continents.
There are unusual stone structures on the territory of western Transbaikalia. Their purpose has long remained a mystery to scientists. The staff of the Institute of Mongolian Studies, Buddhology and Tibetology SB RAS (Ulan-Ude) found that these places are associated with astronomical phenomena. It seems that ancient people held mystical mysteries there during the days of the autumn-spring equinox and winter-summer solstice.
A beautiful natural phenomenon will be visible almost throughout Russia. The maximum phase of the eclipse will occur at 8:13 Moscow time.