Several families have sued a specialist in infertility treatment – they claim that he used not only someone else's sperm from outside donors, but also his own to fertilize patients.
This habit prevents us from finding simpler and more effective solutions — we complicate everything.
Many works of art exhibited in museums are not protected by anything. It turns out that by accidentally tripping, a person can easily break a thousand-year-old statue or tear a picture painted by an impressionist classic from the wall. What awaits this clumsy art lover?
Now there are forty club-footed people living in the park. In the coming weeks, their number may decrease to a dozen. Animals that are unlucky will be shot or euthanized.
In July of this year, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration released a database from which it follows that 76 billion prescription painkillers were sold in the United States over six years. This is enough to provide pills to every adult and child in the country for 36 years ahead. Multibillion-dollar lawsuits are being filed against pharmaceutical companies across the country.