Libido. This concept of psychoanalysis was developed by grandfather Freud to explain the sacred sexual energy of a person. We offer you to learn more about your sexual inclinations by the method of the author of graphic tests Zlata Koroleva.
According to a medical report, a lonely Japanese man almost died from masturbation.
In a curious study, Canadian scientists tried to find out how viewing pornographic materials is associated with sexual activity and the degree of satisfaction in a permanent relationship with a sexual partner.
Diptera insects (order Diptera or Diptera) have two ways of mating. More primitive species, like mosquitoes, engage in sex simply by sticking the ends of their bellies to each other. Advanced diptera, such as flies, practice sex in a position where the male is positioned on the female - like most mammals.
Scientists say that some animals in search of a mate for reproduction are able to go very far. Even go a few kilometers away.
Female pretense in bed has long been the reason for numerous anecdotes. But what lies behind this seemingly harmless game? Canadian psychologists claim to know the answer. And this is not a way to flatter a man at all.