The researchers concluded that the memory palace, which Sherlock Holmes used to store and search for information in his head, really works well. Scientists have found an explanation for the Proust effect — why smells allow you to restore detailed memories.
These movements are completely invisible, but scientists were able to see them using an electrocardiogram and high-resolution video.
Experiments on mice confirmed the scientists' guess that strengthening the neural connections between the hippocampus and the amygdala is the very mechanism that is responsible for the formation of a human survival mechanism — the associative memory of fear.
It will be possible to detect dangerous pollution in time with the help of an innovative sensor of Russian inventors.
Esquire met with a British biohacker who, with the help of a chip, wants to give humanity a new feeling.
Smell is one of the natural indicators of the freshness of products, and the phraseology turns up your nose is not only a literary construction, but also a centuries-old natural reflex by which we determine that appetizing-looking products pose a potential danger to our body. However, with all its advantages, the human sense of smell is not the most perfect tool: to hear an unpleasant smell, a person needs a high concentration of substances formed, for example, during decomposition, so we are not able to detect it in the early stages.
This is done this way: take an adhesive tape, swipe on its sticky side with a graphite pencil. It is important to use graphite, since there is clay and other additives in the lead of a simple pencil. It's better to buy a piece of high-quality graphite at all, it's not difficult. Then, where the stain appeared, the tape should be glued in half, split again and glued again. Each time, the number of layers in a piece of graphite on the tape will decrease, and when the stain becomes almost completely transparent, it will need to be transferred to a clean flat surface. That's all, actually, graphene is ready.
American scientists have explained why overeating causes... even more overeating. Excess calories block the production of a hormone that helps us feel full.