Any person who dreams of reaching career heights should continuously develop and upgrade their skills — both hard and soft. Only a combination of professional competencies plus developed socio-psychological qualities will allow you to organize any activity correctly.
Doctors have been monitoring stroke survivors for four and a half years to identify the formula of life. Of course, it lies in the movement.
The fact that vaccination can help reduce the spread of coronavirus and prevent the emergence of new strains is being talked about at every corner. But as usual, there are people who refuse to believe in scientific data. And if you are very concerned about the fate of your anti-vaccination friend, we share safe and very humane ways to sow a grain of doubt in his mind.
Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found another use for graphene by making a reusable filter from its oxide foam, which acts as a magnet for uranium, effectively pulling the radioactive element out of drinking water.
Several families have sued a specialist in infertility treatment – they claim that he used not only someone else's sperm from outside donors, but also his own to fertilize patients.
Kids don't like doing homework, and it's no secret. But it makes children smarter, you say. And we will answer that not always, and explain why.
This sweet and juicy fruit probably originated in India and has since spread all over the world, including Africa, Asia, Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean. Mango looks very attractive, but only when it is ripe and fresh. Therefore, we share tips on how to choose the perfect fruit, cut it and store it.
An unusual study conducted by a group of scientists from Yale University has demonstrated for the first time how a single dose of psilocybin affects neural plasticity in the mammalian brain.
Having made a breakthrough that can significantly ease the burden of patients recovering from cardiac surgery, scientists have developed a new type of temporary pacemaker that never needs to be removed.
Remember how many hours a day you sleep. Would you like to get enough sleep in 5 hours? A strange question, of course, yes. And for someone, nature has prepared a gift in the form of a short sleep gene. Scientists have recently begun to actively study this phenomenon.