An American company has developed an alternative meat from an extremophile fungus found in a hot spring in Yellowstone National Park. An Israeli company is launching a factory for growing meat from living cells. Scientists compared the composition of beef and vegetable meat alternatives.
Few animals can boast of a life expectancy comparable to that of a human. One of these lucky ones turned out to be a relict creature that lives in the western part of the Indian Ocean
To answer the question that has been tormenting many since childhood, scientists have modeled how people draw patterns in the night sky.
On average, 35 grams of salts are dissolved in each liter of seawater, which is quite a lot. But then why are the fish living in the sea absolutely not salty in taste?
Navigation in some parts of the ocean is so developed that they create a great inconvenience for the movement of whales. Animals trapped can suffer, and a recent report served as a reminder of this.
The main news on January 21 is dedicated to marine life — living and artificial. The genome of a lungfish has been sequenced. The structure of a protein that does not curdle in hot water is explained. The lobster shell suggested how to build from concrete. A robot has been built that reproduces the principle of jellyfish movement.
The main news on January 15 is devoted to nutrition. A gluten-free diet helps against cancer. Fast food accusations of obesity in children have not been confirmed. Nuclear magnetic resonance will calculate how much arabica is in the mixture, and how much is robusta. The man injected mushroom tea into the vein, but remained alive.
Those who have an elementary idea of fish know that they, like many other marine creatures, have gills that allow them to extract oxygen from the water to breathe. But what if you put the fish in some other liquid?
To answer this question, you need to decide what a person considers pain and whether it is fair to what insects and fish experience.
Man is not a reptile, fish or insect. Sleeping with his eyes open is a bad idea for him. However, it is possible.