As a widely used material worldwide, cement has a huge impact on the environment and accounts for about eight percent of our CO2 emissions, but scientists hope to solve this problem by making changes to the composition of the material.
This habit prevents us from finding simpler and more effective solutions — we complicate everything.
Physicists from Zurich have learned how to color chocolate in rainbow colors without changing the recipe for its preparation.
Some believe, they say, why on earth should law-abiding citizens keep diverse criminals at their own expense? Others remind us of the concept of humanity, which also distinguishes us from animals. Punishment is punishment, but if a person does not get his daily dose of calories, then it slowly kills him. And if in the third world countries the prison diet, which does not cover even half of the daily calorie allowance, consists of waste from poverty, then in developed countries not everything is so obvious, although the calorie intake in theory is at the level of a free person.
Some meat and vegetable soups can interrupt the life cycle of the dangerous parasite Plasmodium falciparum.
Popular mechanics tells how the human eye works, why it is important to visit an ophthalmologist regularly and what contact lenses are good for.
In the Canadian restaurant chain Tim Hortons, you can try not only sandwiches with vegetable imitation meat from Beyond Meat, but also an omelet cooked without chicken eggs.
In July of this year, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration released a database from which it follows that 76 billion prescription painkillers were sold in the United States over six years. This is enough to provide pills to every adult and child in the country for 36 years ahead. Multibillion-dollar lawsuits are being filed against pharmaceutical companies across the country.
By the decision of the UNESCO General Assembly, 2019 was declared the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements. 150 years ago, in February 1869, Dmitry Mendeleev sent out a draft to his colleagues briefly outlining the essence of the new law, and on March 6, Nikolai Menshutkin read his report to the Russian Chemical Society.
For a long time, rabbits remained one of the main and underestimated heroes of medicine. The reaction of these animals to endotoxins is similar to ours, therefore, to test the purity of medical preparations, they were injected into the ear vein of rabbits and monitored to see if this would cause an increase in temperature.