Radio waves, light from a light bulb in the ceiling, invisible rays in the radiologist's office and mysterious deadly radiation in exclusion zones are all just different manifestations of the same physical phenomenon: electromagnetic radiation. It's not so difficult to figure out where everything is. It is enough only to associate the properties of radiation with the wavelength.
A leak has appeared in the concrete dome of a nuclear burial ground in the Marshall Islands, through which plutonium enters the Pacific Ocean. The reason for the destruction of the dome is called an increase in ocean level.
A team of Russian scientists from Skoltech, the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences and from the Chemical Faculty of Moscow State University tested organic solar cells for resistance to ionizing radiation. It turned out that panels based on conjugated polymers and fullerene derivatives are able to withstand enormous levels of radiation.
Summer has come, and we remind you that sunlight is not only a source of heat and life, but also dangerous and even carcinogenic ultraviolet. How sunscreen filters work and why there is nowhere without them, explains the annual PM memo.
Metal foams are a very lightweight and surprisingly durable material. So durable that it can even stop an armor-piercing bullet, turning it into dust when it collides.
Who on Earth is exposed to the strongest ionizing radiation? Physicist-engineer Derek Muller traveled around the globe in search of the most radioactive places to figure out how uranium has changed the modern world.