Approximately 10% of the adult population of the Earth and 14% of children and adolescents aged 6 to 19 have allergies to cats. Sneezing and breathing problems do not allow many people to enjoy the company of a fluffy pet. But what if a person who is allergic to cats decides to pet a lion or a tiger?
Microorganisms that suffered during an experiment on deep-sea extraction of metals from under the seabed off the coast of Peru 27 years ago have not recovered until now.
Steam is constantly swirling at the entrance to the Drachenhauhloh cave: here, in the dry Kalahari desert, the largest underground lake in the world is hidden, the name of which translates as Dragon's Breath.
In the South Pacific, there is an area as far from the surface as possible. This is indeed a strange, unusual region in which researchers have discovered something unexpected.
The probability of a repeat earthquake in the same place is only 5%, but that's exactly what happened in the United States on the eve of Independence Day.
Japanese scientists from Hokkaido University, the Institute of Ornithology in Yamashina and Yamagata University in 2020 identified 16 geoglyphs in the Nazca Desert about 2000 years old.
In some American states, the elements continue to rage: for example, Texas, after a series of floods and tornadoes, faced a powerful sandstorm. The video demonstrates a rare natural phenomenon called habub, when a rapidly moving cold atmospheric front forms a cloud in front of it in the form of a giant wall of dust.
Converting the parameters of certain phenomena and technologies into everyday language is quite an interesting and often useful activity. So much becomes really clear and tangible. There are three interesting phenomena in this material that needed to be deciphered.
In the Middle Ages, people traveled much less often than they do now. But at the same time, the story of every medieval traveler is a real adventurous adventure novel.
Meerkats closely monitor the weight of their relatives and do not like it when someone gains weight faster than them — after all, his status in the group depends on the weight of the meerkat. As soon as they notice that the other animal has recovered, they start eating a lot to restore the status quo.