If you have a cat, then have you ever wondered why he flies out of the toilet like a bullet and starts spreading everything around. Of course, cats are strange creatures, but this behavior is completely confusing. What is going on in the pet's head?
In blockbusters, tough guys dodge shots. It seems unreal (that's why they are blockbusters). But, theoretically, under special conditions, a person has an extremely small chance of dodging a bullet.
The railway is a place of increased danger, there is no secret here. On the tracks, you can at least get an electric shock, as a maximum — a shock by train. But the railway system is different from the metro, there is an overhead power line instead of a contact rail — what kind of electric shock? — You will be outraged and you will be partly right. You will not be able to touch the line, but the absence of high-voltage wires in free access for a person does not mean that the same rails are completely de-energized.
The English longbow was a powerful medieval weapon capable of piercing enemy armor. A study by archaeologists from the University of Exeter in the UK showed that the arrows of such a bow could cause the same injuries as modern firearms.
A group of scientists led by Maxim Nikitin from MIPT presented a smart material unique in its properties, which can be used both for express DNA analysis and for creating a new generation of cancer and other complex diseases.
An unknown dark object has created a gap in the GD-1 stellar stream, located at a distance of about 45.5 thousand light-years from Earth. The most likely explanation for this gap is a supermassive black hole or a clot of dark matter that flew at high speed through a chain of stars.
Life is pain, and sometimes, alas, it's not metaphorical at all. Some patients have to fight a constant and almost hopeless struggle with it. To do this, any means are used, even such dangerous ones as opioid analgesics, known for a lot of side effects. But in recent years, scientists and doctors are getting closer to radically changing the nature of these analgesics, canceling their negative effect, but preserving the analgesic.
Metal foams are a very lightweight and surprisingly durable material. So durable that it can even stop an armor-piercing bullet, turning it into dust when it collides.