Scientists have found that female Jacobin hummingbirds prefer to wear male plumage - this allows them to be attacked less by males during feeding.
A baby shark born in an aquarium with females, where there were no males for more than ten years, stunned scientists.
A huge pterosaur with a long mouth terrified the inhabitants of Australia in ancient times.
The release of toxic substances is a wonderful way that some species of frogs use to scare off predators. However, there is one thing — when using this method of protection, the toxin will also get on the amphibians' own skin. But scientists have found out how poisonous frogs protect themselves from their own poison.
It turns out that not only people can perceive quantitative information. Previously, it was found that tiny guppy fish, bees, as well as hyenas and dogs react to changes in the number of certain objects. Their skills are approximately at the level of a one-year-old child who will understand that there are fewer candies if mom decides to hide one. But the child will eventually learn to count, and the guppy fish will not. We find out why.
Chicken eggs are the most common of all eggs consumed due to their availability, but why is the color of their shell sometimes different? We explain.
Summer, as you know, is a small life, and picnics, campsites only color it. But in order not to spend half of this life in the hospital with poisoning, it is necessary to follow the basic rules of cooking. You need to stick to them, of course, all year round, so they will be useful to you even after August 31. We tell the basics of food safety from an expert.
Although the tiny creature's 2-centimeter skull bears a clear resemblance to much larger dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus rex, its lean and delicate body looks more like modern birds such as sparrows or hummingbirds.
More than one and a half thousand eggs were abandoned on a terns' nesting island in Southern California after an unmanned aerial vehicle made an emergency landing on it and scared off the local inhabitants.
Dog owners know that sometimes a dog can run or whine in a dream. What does a furry friend dream about?