The founder of analytical psychology, psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung typified his patients depending on how much their abilities to feel and perceive predominate over the functions of thinking and believing, thus distinguishing extroverts and introverts among people. We offer you to take his famous test and learn a little more about yourself.
Libido. This concept of psychoanalysis was developed by grandfather Freud to explain the sacred sexual energy of a person. We offer you to learn more about your sexual inclinations by the method of the author of graphic tests Zlata Koroleva.
Do you feel younger than indicated in the passport? Most likely, your mental age does not correspond to your biological age. How do you determine how old you really are? Psychologists suggest solving this problem with the help of color tests. Here's one for you.
Any person who dreams of reaching career heights should continuously develop and upgrade their skills — both hard and soft. Only a combination of professional competencies plus developed socio-psychological qualities will allow you to organize any activity correctly.
It is possible to deceive our eyes, but not our consciousness. That is why psychologists use the popular method of visual tests: this approach helps to reveal a person's identity. Our test does not pretend to be serious and professional, but it will still be able to tell you something about you.
Due to the pandemic, cases of burnout have become more frequent. Previously, this condition was considered a consequence of fatigue, but when everyone switched to remote work, there was more work and fatigue, too. The distance obliges many to be in touch 24/7, the lack of a change of situation also hits hard on the emotional state. We tell you how not to confuse burnout with banal fatigue and not to end up in a psychologist's office.
Last year undoubtedly enriched our speech with new concepts: pandemic, coronacrisis, self—isolation - the changes affected our usual rhythm of life, working days and infrequent weekends. Due to increased stress, another word that characterizes the current era has become increasingly common - burnout. People who are overworked face emotional fatigue, anxiety and lack of motivation. We understand how to recognize professional burnout and what needs to be done to avoid it.
The custody case of Britney Spears has long worried her fans, and in the summer of 2020 it caused a worldwide resonance. Since 2008, the singer's father, James Spears, was her legal guardian when Britney was admitted to a psychiatric hospital due to problems with alcohol and drugs. After 13 years, the icon of the noughties was finally able to free herself from custody, which only destroyed her life. Why couldn't the girl get out of custody for so long? And how do people get into such circumstances in general?
According to tweets from the radical feminist group Women's Liberation Front (WoLF), at least one woman, and possibly more, became pregnant as a result of the adoption of a new California law that allows women to be placed in the same prison cells with men claiming to be women.
Friends assure you that you look normal or even good, but you refuse to believe it and demand to delete the picture. In fact, everything is simple.