Three things, once started, are difficult to finish: eating good food; talking to a friend who has returned from a hike and scratching where it itches. Kozma Prutkov, The fruits of reflection.
As a widely used material worldwide, cement has a huge impact on the environment and accounts for about eight percent of our CO2 emissions, but scientists hope to solve this problem by making changes to the composition of the material.
Among all respondents, the majority spoke in favor of repeated vaccination.
Such a gap between two doses of the drug is not chosen by chance and has an explanation.
Summer is the time of dachas. And during the prolonged quarantine period, it is almost the only place of rest from the city. But even outside the city, comfort and safety are needed, and above all, clean water.
Researchers from Penn State University have developed a method for treating injuries by simultaneously 3D printing hard and soft tissues using two different bio-sensitive lenses. In tests on rats, the team was able to patch holes in the skulls and skin of rodents in a few minutes.
Russian doctors have figured out how to use ultrasound to assess the severity of pneumonia in COVID-19.
A thin dry tattoo electrode has been created for long-term measurements of cardiac, muscular and brain electrical activity. The composition of the electrodes, which are almost invisible on the skin, makes them much cheaper than existing analogues.
What are the features of COVID-19 tests, and what are the dangers of existing rapid tests?
Heart attack, heart attack and other diseases of the cardiovascular system are still one of the most common causes of death. Doctors warn that the patient is three times more likely to survive if he receives the necessary help within the first hour after the attack. Therefore, it is important to know the symptoms of a heart attack and a heart attack, as well as the rules of first aid. Remember, perhaps the right actions in case of an attack can save the patient's life.