Someone believes that antibiotics can cure any ailment. Someone, on the contrary, avoids antibiotic treatment and seeks to shorten the course. In this article, we are ready to dispel common myths and give objective information about what antibiotics are actually capable of.
What are the features of COVID-19 tests, and what are the dangers of existing rapid tests?
Sneezing is one of the most interesting reflexes of our body.
Just try a little experiment: the next time you take a shower, start with a hot one and finish with a cold one. Stand under a stream of cool water for at least one minute. Do this for a couple of days and observe how you will feel.
The discovery of antibiotics can be safely called one of the main achievements of the last century: the number of lives saved thanks to them is measured in millions. However, not everyone thinks that the era of antibiotics is not eternal. Due to our unreasonable consumption, bacteria are developing drug resistance by leaps and bounds.
In some cases, anemia is congenital, but it also happens that this disease develops later against the background of vitamin B12 and iron deficiency. Check if you have these early symptoms of anemia — and whether it's time for you to take action.