Scientists investigating a dried-up lava tube in northwestern Saudi Arabia were stunned to discover a huge accumulation of bones belonging to horses, donkeys and even people.
Reusable appliances, bags, cotton swabs and much more are advertised as an eco-friendly alternative that allows you to reduce the amount of garbage and help nature. Moreover, manufacturers actively support this initiative and bring various types of reusable and biodegradable products to the market. But scientists reacted with mild skepticism to this massive transition to green goods and conducted a study — studied how environmentally friendly they are.
An international group of scientists has developed a new composite radio-absorbing material based on a polymer matrix with a filler of hexaferrite and nanographite, which effectively absorbs electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range and can be used for technology to reduce visibility. Studies have shown that the new composite is capable of absorbing up to 99.9% of electromagnetic radiation, which opens up prospects for reducing its visibility in the field of radar frequencies.
The prediction by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was made back in 1972. A new study has confirmed that everything is going according to plan.
There are psychological influence techniques that help to promote ideas, motivate staff, enhance marketing effect, and improve the efficiency of business communication. They work great because they are based on the peculiarities of human psychology.
It turned out that improper use of repellents can lead to headaches and other unpleasant symptoms.
Since the beginning of May this year, the weather in Moscow has been regularly updating historical highs and does not even think to spare the residents. Forecasters are afraid of a repeat of the summer of 2010, when the air in the capital literally boiled for a month, which, among other things, provoked fires on peat bogs. Rospotrebnadzor became concerned: the service recommends shortening the working day if the indoor air is hotter than 28.5 degrees. But this is in Moscow, and how are things in other parts of the world, where + 30 ° C and not the heat at all?
One of the most recent and interesting Russian projects in the field of digital people is Malivar. The founder of the company, Valery Sharipov, told Popular Mechanics about his synthetic heroes.
A nuclear explosion is the process of releasing a large amount of thermal and radiant energy as a result of an uncontrolled chain nuclear fission reaction or thermonuclear fusion. Anyone who has ever seen a nuclear explosion in videos or photos knows that it usually looks like a huge mushroom. But why?
In the spring, our immunity needs additional support. How can we help him work at full strength so that he can provide us with reliable protection against viruses? Maria Kuleshova, an expert biochemist at Barrier, will help you figure out what factors affect the immune system.