Today, the weather forecast is no longer just a solution to a complex mathematical problem or divination by clouds. Today, in addition to complex technologies, user experience about errors is also used to compile it. This allows you to make the precipitation forecast more accurate by 20%, with details to the house.
The painting The Last Day of Pompeii in colors shows how scary nature can be. On this day 1942 years ago, the eruption of Vesuvius claimed thousands of lives, and victims of this disaster are still being found.
We don't know much about Daspletosaurus, a Late Cretaceous theropod that lived in the forests of North America 75 million years ago. Recently, paleontologists have shed light on one of the mysteries associated with this animal by doing a CT scan of the cranial boxes of two individuals in order to digitally reconstruct the brain and adjacent structures.
Researchers have made an amazing breakthrough in growing mini-organs in the laboratory.
One of the useful skills of working in information security is the ability to distinguish between the model of the intruder and the image of the enemy. The first term means a fairly specific description of the contingent of citizens who are able to realize the threat; the accuracy of such models is checked by penetration tests. And the image of the enemy is something that is replicated in the media and often resembles forms of collective insanity.
Hemostasis (hemo — blood, stasis — stop) is fraught with many mysteries that have not yet been solved by science, despite many decades of study at the most subtle molecular and submolecular levels. Even very competent doctors at lectures on the subtleties of the hemostasis system, quite quickly begin to get tired of the abundance of names of coagulation factors, enzymes, ways of their activation – after all, blood clotting processes have hundreds of participants and components.
Stopping bleeding due to injury can save lives, but due to the abundance of blood, many patches and bandages simply refuse to stick to the skin. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a new surgical adhesive that can stop bleeding within 30 seconds.
The release of toxic substances is a wonderful way that some species of frogs use to scare off predators. However, there is one thing — when using this method of protection, the toxin will also get on the amphibians' own skin. But scientists have found out how poisonous frogs protect themselves from their own poison.
Clouds of electrons floating in deep space were captured in high resolution for the first time, which revealed to scientists cosmic phenomena that caused astronomers deep surprise.
This is a 50-meter emotional antenna capable of sending any messages into space.