The feeling of nervous anxiety on the morning after the holiday, sometimes similar to shame, is normal, scientists reassure.
March 8 is a bunch of extra gray hair on the top of a man's head. After all, it's not enough to just choose a gift, it's important that it pleases, especially when it comes to beloved women. So we hide all the prepared pots, pans, mugs with vulgar inscriptions and other household utensils! Popular mechanics has made a selection of what is unlikely to be useful in the kitchen, but absolutely any girl will like it. Don't thank me.
Before the New Year holidays, many people ask themselves this question. On the one hand, I want the house to have the smell of spruce and tangerines. On the other hand, it's a pity for the Christmas tree... So what should I do?
The season of tangerines, oliviers in basins and making a list of gifts will come very soon. In the midst of a climate catastrophe, more and more people are aware of their impact on the environment. Therefore, a reasonable question arises: is an artificial or natural Christmas tree more environmentally friendly?
Simple words, bold rhythm and catchy guitar riffs can definitely make a track a hit. And what should be the musical composition so that she can correct the most lousy mood? The answer to this question was found by neuroscientist Jacob Jolige, he was able to deduce the formula for a happy song.
We often hear that you need to drink alcohol in a strict manner, increasing the strength of drinks. But will this rule save you from a severe hangover?
During the pandemic, we all managed to get a little sad because of the lack of friendly communication. As it turned out, gatherings with friends are not enough not only for people, but also for fish! After the closure of the Sea Life Helsinki Aquarium, grouper Mikko fell into depression. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if he had pisces friends, but he... ate them all!
Representatives of the sturgeon family appeared on the planet about 150 million years ago. They were not just eaten by ancient people: during the Roman Empire, sturgeon began to be considered a delicacy, and since about the XI century, sturgeon caviar. This is evidenced by the trade registers of Byzantium.
Yes, imagine, there is such a holiday. It is logical to celebrate it at the table, with a spoon in your hand, and having a large plate of delicious rich soup in front of you. And which one is better? The journalists tried to get an answer to this question from expert nutritionists.
It is customary to give flowers or put them on the table for decoration. But we are much more interested in the fact that many flowers... they are good for food.