The New York Times analyzed the actions of the Indian government, which became one of the causes of the COVID-19 outbreak in the country. An Indian doctor told Nature magazine about the possible causes of the COVID-19 outbreak, how official statistics of cases and deaths are maintained, and why the outbreak has declined.
Ice cream with SARS-CoV-2 was found in China. Black tea helps against coronavirus. Fatty and sweet foods help relieve stress. The new artificial meat already looks like real meat. The robot kitchen does everything: selects a recipe, cooks, sets the table, washes the dishes.
On March 28, 2020, a powerful explosion was heard late at night in the southern Nigeria town of Akure. Citizens who ran out into the street found that a large crater of unknown origin had formed not far from the residential development.
First aid can save a life — or permanently deprive the victim of health. We have collected the most common mistakes that people most often make when providing first aid — remember them and never make them.
Cameras captured the beginning of a strong Kincade Fire, raging now in California and causing large-scale evacuations.
NASA and NOAA scientists got a unique opportunity to take photos of a pyrocumulative cloud once inside it. The most detailed air samples in history were also selected, which will help study this phenomenon.
The fire in the world-famous cathedral began in the evening of April 15. The damage inflicted on them is not yet completely clear, but some results can already be summed up.
Heat kills: the human body is not adapted to contact plasma — and fire is plasma. In response to a burn, a complex cascade of reactions is triggered, giving in combination difficulties with breathing, excruciating pain and very slow healing.
With the word drought, most people hardly imagine something particularly terrible. But prolonged droughts can cause harm comparable to the worst cataclysms, cause crop failure and famine. Farmers are afraid of them even today, and a hundred years ago there was simply no worse word for them. What droughts in the history of mankind were considered the most terrible?