Today, the weather forecast is no longer just a solution to a complex mathematical problem or divination by clouds. Today, in addition to complex technologies, user experience about errors is also used to compile it. This allows you to make the precipitation forecast more accurate by 20%, with details to the house.
It is time for the annual observation of the Perseid meteor stream.
The outcome of the project depends on how the team members work with each other. If the team is set up for a common goal, works together as a single organism, then the chances of success will be high. Even if there are difficulties, the team will be able to come to a common solution. And what should those teams do where toxic characters are lurking? In the article we will tell you how dangerous such personalities are and how to work with them.
To die from overheating, it is not necessary to go to Asia or another hot region. All conditions are available in Russia this summer.
The Caucasian ash tree in its flowering season can pose a serious threat to people.
The fungus infecting coffee trees has already destroyed fruit-bearing plantations in many countries of the world and continues to attack the remaining ones. Despite all efforts, scientists still cannot stop the global spread of the parasitic infection, which is called the devastator.
It's April 1866. The contents of one of the parcels in the Wells, Fargo & Co. office leaked badly. A couple of clerks went to check the box labeled Nobel Nitroglycerin, taking the tools for opening. The subsequent explosion destroyed all the windows on the street within a kilometer radius, killed those clerks and a dozen other poor devils. In the same year, Alfred Nobel patented dynamite, a revolutionary explosive that is much more stable and safe than liquid nitroglycerin.
Do you think the great Albert Einstein could have left at least one problem unsolved? That's right — I couldn't. Nevertheless, there is one seemingly simple logical riddle that made the great scientist scratch his brains thoroughly. And if you are sure that you have the right solution in your hands — do not rush. Think about it, read the condition, count it again. And only then you can safely claim the title of someone who turned out to be smarter than Einstein.
Combining long-term observations from three different telescopes has finally allowed us to find out what the dark areas in the images of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter really are.
The coronavirus pandemic has swept the whole world, including Russia, but, fortunately, the situation in our country is not as deplorable as in other countries.