The railway is a place of increased danger, there is no secret here. On the tracks, you can at least get an electric shock, as a maximum — a shock by train. But the railway system is different from the metro, there is an overhead power line instead of a contact rail — what kind of electric shock? — You will be outraged and you will be partly right. You will not be able to touch the line, but the absence of high-voltage wires in free access for a person does not mean that the same rails are completely de-energized.
Soon, rocket flights into space will seem as bizarre as traveling long distances in a sleeping car. Of course, the rockets will be preserved for long flights — for example, to other planets — but we will get to orbit exclusively by elevator. The starting point will be a giant floating platform at the equator, from where passengers will be picked up by an elevator, which will take off into the sky at a speed of about 2000 km/ h. The first stop will be a space platform, where passengers will already feel weightlessness. It will hang in space at an altitude of about 35,000 km above ground level. Balancing the structure will be an asteroid, which is still about 10,000 km away. We have just briefly outlined the idea of a space elevator.
From a scientific point of view, keeping secrets can harm the psyche. That's why we gossip, saving ourselves and spoiling other people's lives. But there are scientifically sound ways to help yourself and not harm others.
Specialists of the American Hospice and Palliative Care Center in Buffalo have been observing patients for 10 years and made a rather intriguing discovery - they found out what dreams people see before they die. It turns out that shortly before death, dying people see the same dreams.