It goes without saying that the sooner you can get information about an impending heart attack or stroke, the better for the patient. The new patch is designed specifically for these purposes and is able to send ultrasonic pulses to the user's body.
The prediction by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was made back in 1972. A new study has confirmed that everything is going according to plan.
In the spring, our immunity needs additional support. How can we help him work at full strength so that he can provide us with reliable protection against viruses? Maria Kuleshova, an expert biochemist at Barrier, will help you figure out what factors affect the immune system.
Both batteries and simple batteries convert chemical energy into electrical energy, but if the former can be charged, the latter cannot. Why?
According to a UN report, 17% of the food produced in the world every year is thrown into the trash. In 2019, the mass of food waste amounted to 931 million tons.
When an obese person really needs to lose weight, doctors sometimes perform a bypass gastric anastomosis operation, but this is a rather difficult and often unsafe procedure. However, the new implant, according to scientists, gives similar results with much less effort and risk.
In the mid-90s, a very popular blood type diet appeared. Despite the fact that many people adhered to a special diet and were sure that it helped them lose weight, the scientific side of such a diet remained controversial. A new study has provided concrete evidence that such a diet does not work.
Some people regularly go for a run, manage to go to the gym after work and easily wake up at five in the morning. Others do not always find the strength to get up from the couch and turn on the next episode of their favorite series. Is a person to blame for his laziness? Or was it passed on to him from mom and dad along with freckles and receding hairline?
Is it worth believing the popular myth that in five seconds harmful bacteria will not have time to get to the surface of a piece of food that you accidentally dropped? Let's figure it out.
In the winter hemisphere, the season of tropical cyclones begins. We understand how dangerous it is – and how to properly name typhoons and hurricanes.