Scientists are trying to create a synthetic version of the web, from which you can make smart biodegradable clothes.
A new study has shown that there are proteins in the droplets on the cobwebs that paralyze insects. That is, some spiders can weave poisonous nets with neurotoxins. In particular, the Brazilian wandering spider or, as it is also called, the banana spider.
Did you know that almost 40,000 skin cells are falling off you every minute?
Poison is an extremely effective thing when you need to cope with a creature that exceeds you in size by a hundred times. That is why it is most often resorted to by small creatures - insects, arachnids, mollusks. People have invented a lot of antidotes to combat common poisons, but some of them are so specific that it is better to simply avoid them at all costs.
Even if two unicellular organisms have the same genetic code, they behave differently.
Everyone is individual: fish, lizards and spiders. If it moves, it most likely has a character, says Spencer Ingli of the University of North Carolina.
We know that we need to be wary of many animals - from tiny spiders to huge bears and tigers. But plants can be no less dangerous, and often even more so – because you don't always expect a trick from them.