Recently, the US Food and Drug Administration issued a warning against the use of the drug ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19. It is good in the fight against parasites in cattle and in small doses in humans. However, people believed dubious studies, so calls from people poisoned with ivermectin became more frequent to the emergency services hotline.
Duke University scientists have estimated the likelihood of pandemics in the future. The Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation estimated the state's costs for combating the pandemic. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the effectiveness of vaccines has fallen to 66% due to the spread of the delta strain. The International Vaccine Institute (South Korea) has announced the start of the second phase of clinical trials of a vaccine against the chikungunya virus in Costa Rica.
Oxford University scientists have assessed the decrease in the effectiveness of Pfizer/BioNTech and AstraZeneka vaccines over time. In Israel, mandatory revaccination is carried out for everyone over the age of 50. Scientists from the San Raffaele Scientific Institute have found that colds reduce the effectiveness of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. The head of the Gamalea Center, Alexander Ginzburg, believes that if the current rates of vaccination are maintained, collective immunity will be achieved in Russia in 2021.
A Serbian hermit who lived in a small mountain cave for more than 20 years found out about the pandemic and decided to take action.
Such statistics were collected in the UK, and it is urgent to fight poverty, experts say.
Due to the increase in cases of breakthrough infections caused by the Indian strain of coronavirus, a dispute has escalated in the scientific community about the mandatory introduction of the third component of the booster vaccine. Pharmacological companies confirm the effectiveness of their drugs, but scientists are still asking not to jump to conclusions.
The UN Human Rights representative in Myanmar called this Southeast Asian country a possible super-distributor of COVID—19. Researchers from the University of Reading have shown that antibodies themselves are responsible for the formation of blood clots in COVID-19. Igor Tsikorin, a representative of the Moscow Department of Health, assessed the accuracy of PCR tests. Scientists from the University of Wyoming have found out what information can convince a person to get vaccinated. The head of the Yekaterinburg branch of Vector, Alexander Semenov, assessed the timing of the end of the coronavirus pandemic in the world.
The largest tobacco producers in Russia may suspend the production of cigarettes due to a shortage of raw materials. We will tell you what will happen if all smokers in the country abruptly quit smoking.
The virologist spoke about why it is not worth waiting for the end of the pandemic next year — the people themselves are to blame.
Scientists at Imperial College London, based on the results of mass tests of COVID-19 patients, registered a decrease in cognitive functions. A somnologist from the First Sechenov Moscow State Medical University warned about the need to get enough sleep after vaccination. All vaccination points in Russia appeared on Google Maps. Scientists from Imperial College London have shown that communication with trees improves cognitive functions in children and adolescents.