At Stanford, brain tissue was grown from pluripotent cells for 280 days, and the cells reached a postnatal state. Old fears that torment a person can be reprogrammed so that they do not injure. AI has been taught to write essays, at least as well as the average college student does.
Rospotrebnadzor has developed a universal test for SARS-CoV-2 mutations. An artificial finger gropes for viruses. Apple Watch predicts SARS-CoV-2 infection by heart rate. The oldest person in Europe, Sister Andre, a nun, got over COVID—19 and recovered by her 117th birthday.
Due to high temperatures, many people physically can not stand the summer months. The heat makes your head ache, weakness appears, so it becomes simply impossible to work or do your favorite things. But why is this happening? After all, the normal human temperature is 36.6 °, so why can we get heat stroke already at 30-degree heat?
In many war films and blockbusters, there is often a dramatic scene where one of the characters bleeds, and a comrade squeezing his palm asks him not to switch off, not to close his eyes and stay with him. It is believed that if a seriously injured person closes his eyes and loses consciousness, he will die. But does it work in real life?
We often like to scold school problems, they say, the conditions in them are sometimes so absurd and absurd that it is completely confusing. And instead of starting to make a decision after reading the conditions, we spend time criticizing. Popular mechanics has picked up for you a bearded problem from basic mathematics, in which everything is in order with the condition. Even for high school humanities students, it takes a few minutes to solve it, and how long will it take you?
This cool and at the same time simple optical illusion has been 14 years old, and it still stupefies even those who have seen it many times. Moreover, it is unlike anything else, as it causes ambiguous stimuli in the brain with more than one interpretation. Damn magic! So, take a close, very close look at the image. How many circles do you see in the image? Do you see them here at all?!
It seems that the ancient worship of these animals in the modern world has acquired very unexpected forms. Platform <a href="">" Theories and practices"</a> has prepared 10 interesting facts about cats, which may help to learn and understand them a little more.
The record-breaking nugget of the Winner, extracted on May 26 by the Kaliningrad Amber Combine, about which we <a href="">писали</a> , has already managed to lose a little more than 100 grams.
A recently developed theory predicted that new lines corresponding to previously unknown radiation transitions may be present in the X-ray spectra of space objects.
Oh, I'll sleep it off on the weekend!, — we often dream, having lost precious hours of sleep on weekdays when preparing an urgent report, when writing an article, when drawing a wall newspaper after midnight for a schoolboy. Who would argue: getting enough sleep after sleepless nights is always pleasant and healing. You feel refreshed and refreshed. But are we able to repay the body's debt over the weekend for insufficient sleep time on weekdays? Whatever we feel, science gives a negative answer.