A rare research equipment lost at sea 4 years ago has been found. Its contents may contain valuable information about the behavior of gray seals on Sable Island.
The Kingdom of Denmark has just gotten a little bigger after researchers from the University of Copenhagen accidentally discovered the northernmost island in the world.
DNA tests have confirmed that the sample found in 2019 is indeed the rarest giant turtle from the island of Fernandina.
A set of cut and pointed turkey bones, dug up several decades ago from the graves of ancient Indians, turned out to be the oldest tattooing tool known to mankind.
People have always considered lightning a weapon of the gods. Among the ancient Greeks, Zeus, the thunderer, commanded lightning, among the Hindus, the king of heaven Indra. The ancient Vikings, who had eaten too much toadstools, clearly distinguished Thor's lightning fist in the sky. The broad–minded Slavs generally armed everyone with electricity - from the pagan god Perun to the Christian prophet Ilya. References to the exceptional power of thunder weapons can be found in any religion.
An international team of archaeologists has discovered unusual remains of a bison that are 120,000 years old. On one of the animal's bones, scientists noticed six stripes engraved by a man. Experts say that this is the oldest example of symbolic human activity.
When we pick up a razor for the first time, we often hear from our elders that after shaving, hair begins to grow faster. But is the folk sign true?
Billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates often speaks on the topic of the most pressing problems of mankind. Often his words become not only the subject of heated debates and meaningful quotations, but also a real prophecy. For example, five years ago at a TED lecture, Gates predicted the current pandemic. This time, the billionaire talked about how the world will change after the coronavirus, and perhaps he will be right again.
With the temperature, the feeling that alcohol burns the throat is only indirectly related. And here's why.
There is a curious Time Traveler application on the Merriam-Webster English Dictionary website. If you enter your date of birth, the site will show your words-the same age! That is, those words that first appeared in print this year.