Polar bears sometimes slaughter walruses with rocks and blocks of ice, thereby simplifying hunting and not risking injury.
How the fight between two dinosaurs became the subject of a high-profile trial.
In a new study, scientists have found that the struggle for food-rich lands began at least 13,400 years ago.
March 8 is a bunch of extra gray hair on the top of a man's head. After all, it's not enough to just choose a gift, it's important that it pleases, especially when it comes to beloved women. So we hide all the prepared pots, pans, mugs with vulgar inscriptions and other household utensils! Popular mechanics has made a selection of what is unlikely to be useful in the kitchen, but absolutely any girl will like it. Don't thank me.
What do you know about Egypt? Pyramids, the noseless Great Sphinx, the Red Sea of Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada. And how do you like the fact that slaves in ancient Egypt did not build pyramids, men actively used cosmetics while they had a complete order with orientation, and that Cleopatra was not an Egyptian at all? We tell you about all the most interesting things in order.
Sharks are dangerous predators that feed on almost any marine life. Fish also need food and when looking for prey, they risk meeting a black-finned reef shark.
Paleontologists seem to have put an end to the question of the lifestyle of these ancient reptiles.
Thanks to Hollywood blockbusters, it is considered that a person is the best snack for toothy and aggressive monsters. What sharks eat and what they eat are actually ready to tell Australian scientists, who managed to find out an interesting fact: these predators extract a significant part of their food from the ocean floor.
A recently developed theory predicted that new lines corresponding to previously unknown radiation transitions may be present in the X-ray spectra of space objects.
Cephalopods are very charming creatures in themselves, and unusual 3D glasses only added to their charm. However, scientists did not create them for beauty: red-blue glasses are designed to help us figure out exactly how the three-dimensional vision of animals is arranged.