Scientists have developed a set of the most successful measures for forensic medical examination, allowing to seriously narrow the circle of searches.
With the onset of summer, it is easy to overdo staying in the sun, turning the desired tan into a real sunburn.
One of the most recent and interesting Russian projects in the field of digital people is Malivar. The founder of the company, Valery Sharipov, told Popular Mechanics about his synthetic heroes.
Scientists are trying to create a synthetic version of the web, from which you can make smart biodegradable clothes.
Thousands of tons of plastic are floating in the air, and a new study has revealed its sources.
An antistatic agent is a substance that is used to remove static electric charges from surfaces. But how does he do it?
Due to high temperatures, many people physically can not stand the summer months. The heat makes your head ache, weakness appears, so it becomes simply impossible to work or do your favorite things. But why is this happening? After all, the normal human temperature is 36.6 °, so why can we get heat stroke already at 30-degree heat?
Study at the British Central College of Art and Design. A few years ago, Scarlett Young noticed how much waste arises in the process of creating new fashionable clothes.
To prepare the body for burial or cremation, funeral workers pump out blood and interstitial fluids and replace them with an embalming solution, usually containing formaldehyde and methanol. What do they do with the blood? Is it really just drained into the sewer?
Wearing a mask makes you get used to a lack of oxygen and a constantly wet face. But if your glasses fog up because of it, we have some tips on how to deal with this inconvenience.